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Are you guilty of loving the tree industry? Upgrade your style and show your support for John;s Tree Service and the tree industry with our new Guilty of Treezon Hoodie.


Unisex Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL


Drawstring, Kangaroo Pocket, Ribbed cuffs and waistband

Guilty of Treezon Hoodie


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    The Importance

    of Tree Care

    • Aesthetics

    Overgrown, unwieldy

    branches detract from

    the look of your property. 

    Pruning encourages

    better production of fruit

    and flowers. 

    • Safety

    Large branches could crack

    & fall, injuring people or

    damaging property.

    Damage is often much

    more costly than investing

    in professional tree care.

    • Health

    Pruning & trimming encourages healthy & strong tree growth.

    Dead & diseased branches

    can make the tree unhealthy.

    Pruning helps save a tree instead

    of it having to be removed. 

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